For Sale: 

   (both prices dropped 10/18/15)
      (video lens converters, microphones, etc. are here)



SONY TRV9 compact 1-CCD Mini-DV camcorder, like new (no marks on it) AND IT'S SET UP FOR
   DAYLIGHT INFRARED SHOOTING! (See frame grabs at  
   and an infrared video at Included is a 37->52mm 
   stepping ring, IR-pass gel filter, a retaining ring for the filter, and the original box and accessories, $325. 

SONY TRV30, a compact 1-CCD Mini-DV camcorder in VERY nice, very low use condition. Almost
   no tape has been through this camcorder. It has a now unusually large CCD, and a high but reasonable
   pixel count for optimizing video image sharpness and color with a single chip. Price, including all original
   accessories, is $325 (about 1/4rd of its original price...). 

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