For Sale:

Video and Audio Gear...
   (Prices lowered 10/18/15)



SONY HG 1.7X 58mm-thread tele lens attachment for the VX2000/PD150 and similar (such as the 
   Canon GL-1/GL-2). This converter is SHARP! Zoom-through - not just limited to the lens longest 
   end (although it will vignette if zoomed too short), and it is in VERY nice condition, $135. (Sold!) 
Top - AZDEN long shotgun mic, very directional, in VERY nice condition. Omni
   capsule included, $95. 

Bottom - NAKAMICHI long shotgun mic, nice condition (the long barrel is LN), very 
   good sounding and very directional mic. With XLR-connector, two batteries, $195. 

VIVITAR shotgun mic (2), in VERY nice condition (the Vivitar mic is the same as the
   Nady mic pictured above), with windscreen (original plus extra) and shoe mount 
   added, but no case, $60 for one, $110 for two. A DC blocking capacitor has been 
   added internally to each for use with camcorders and Mini-Disc recorders with DC 
   provided at mic inputs (this minimizes "crackling" with plug movement). 

FUJI TV-Z lens, with what appears to be a "C" mount (or "CS" mount - not  sure), 16-160mm 
   at a constant f1.8 widest stop, 
rather large and heavy, nice condition, $85. 

Video-Sender transmitter (with RCA inputs for video and mono audio) and
   receiver (with 75-ohm connector) for wireless sending of video (picture is 
   OK, and may be useful for remote monitoring of unattended cameras, for
   remote baby-sitting, etc. - but the audio does not appear to work well),
   operates from 12-volt supplies, included. New, $45/set (I have two sets,
   made by Star-Tech). 

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