For Sale:

Nikon Cameras...
   (all prices lowered 7/11/14)


Nikon FA compact body, with P, A, S, and M metering modes plus matrix-metering - with plain-matte 
   screen, DOF preview, TTL flash, and a motor that can power the body (see the "
   page for two - the cap for the body bottom terminals is currently with a motor, but would go with the 
   body). In VERY nice, collectable-perfect condition, $285.
Nikon 8008 AF motor bodies (2 - and I will keep one of these fine, handy bodies!), with P, A, S, M 
   metering modes plus  matrix-metering, with interchangeable screens, DOF preview, excellent HP 
   viewfinder (sharper than the N90s - and this version of the 8008 doesn't have the "hole-in-the-middle" 
   metering pattern of the 8008s), and TTL flash metering with compensation and rear-curtain synch., in 
   very nice + condition (with only some "polishing" of the matte surface due to handling). This was my 
   favorite Nikon body for most things until sight problems forced me to the F100. $165-$185. 

(No picture.)

Nikon N80 AF compact motor body which can fit and operate "S" and "G" lenses.It has P, A, S, M 
   metering modes plus matrix-metering, with DOF preview, and TTL flash metering with compensation 
   and rear-curtain synch., in VERY nice condition, now $95. Also available is a new MB-16 AA battery 
   pack for the N80 which also adds a vertical grip, $25. 

(No pictures.)

It may be time to consider selling my Nikon N2000 compact motor-drive body with P, A, S, M 
   metering modes and TTL flash metering, in VERY nice condition, $120. 

I also have the tiny and light FG in near perfect condition, also with auto and manual metering modes 
   and TTL flash metering, which I will also now sell, $95. 

And then there is that great, LN F100 body, sigh......! (Sold!) 

(Ah, I seem to be collecting some very nice film cameras, now that almost everyone else wants 
   digital bodies...;-) 

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