For Sale: 

Miscellaneous Photo Gear...
   (updated, with most prices lowered 1/1/15)


Voigtlander Ultra Wide-Heliar 12mm f5.6 lens (with shade, viewfinder, and box). The lens, shade, 
   and finder are in VERY nice condition. This lens is surprisingly sharp to the corners on film even 
   wide open, and it is VERY compact and light! It also works well (with inexpensive adapters) on 
   Sony NEX and on Panasonic, Olympus, and Black Magic MFT bodies (and likely also on other 
   digital mirrorless bodies). The viewfinder is surprisingly accurate for showing lens coverage with 
   full-frame cameras, although it does have strong barrel distortion. $595 for this 12mm lens, shade, 
   and viewfinder, in the original box.

Photo taken with the 12mm (to show the extreme perspective effects possible on full-frame):


Mamiya 645 6x4.5 SLR system with 645J body in very nice condition, standard prism, 
   45-degree split-image rangefinder screen, 120 film insert, trigger handle, extra film insert
   with case, latest 45mm f2.8 MF lens in VERY nice condition,  70mm f2.8 lens in VERY
   nice condition (the leaf shutter doesn't work, but it still operates normally with the body's 
   focal-plane shutter), Mamiya lens shades for both lenses, and correct body and lens 
   caps - all for $465 (and these lenses are SHARP to the corners, even wide open!). 

52mm Nikkor  filters, VERY nice condition, one with the rare chrome rim, $15 each. Many 
   Nikkor black-rimmed UV filters are also available, like new, in various sizes, as are some 
   Nikkor lens shades (inquire...). Two Nikon PK-13 tubes, $35 each; PK-12, $45. All are 
   in VERY nice condition (but no caps are provided). 
   (The Nikon PK11A tube has been sold.) 

Nikon MD-4 motor for F3, rough-looking, but functional, with AH-3 permanently
   attached to the bottom, $55; Nikon MD-15 for FA, good condition, $45 (pictured),
   Nikon MD-15 for FA, VERY nice condition (powers the body), not pictured - a tad 
   short of mint, $65. 
Tamron SP 28-135mm f4-4.5 MF lens (nearly constant-aperture!), in VERY nice
   condition, with needed shade. Sharp, wide-range lens, with unusually low CA on 
   digital bodies! Fits any MF camera body (and some AF bodies, but doesn't AF), 
   and also Panasonic and Olympus MFT bodies and Sony NEX with the addition 
   of the appropriate MFT or NEX adapter, if  needed.  $345, including an Adaptall II 
   Nikon mount (others can also be used). 

(The items below are not pictured)

13 4x5 Lisco Regal 2-Sheet Holders (the nice ones), clean and in 
   VERY nice condition. B&H charges $45-$65 new each for various brands. 
   These are $20 each if buying the whole batch. 

8 4x5 6-Sheet Grafmatic Holders, all good (not mint looking) and functional, 
   with flat platens that properly catch the film when it is dropped into the upright 
   platens. All are clean. These are hard to find in this condition and are probably 
   worth more on eBay than I'm asking ($90 each, if all go at once, or other 
   offers considered). I may also have many clean 5x7 film holders... 

One Yankee 4x5 12-Sheet Tank and Basket. 

Many 35mm Reels and Assorted Sizes of Tanks, Including a Few 8-Reel 
   Nikor Tanks.
The reels are all straight (all the reels load easily) and clean. 

A Saunders 14x17 Easel with 11x14 4-way adjustable blades. Perfect, with 
   flat straight blades at correct right angles. I will include some 11x14 trays with 
   it for $50. 

(Most lenses, boards, and carriers are not pictured.)

Enlarging Lenses (most are on Beseler 4x4 boards). The Componon S and Comparon are 
   equal in optical quality (and very sharp!), but they are optimized for different enlargement ratios 
   (6:1 instead of 4:1) - but are fine over very wide ranges beyond the optimum ratios.

^^ Schneider Comparon 150mm f5.6, very nice barrel, very slight internal haze (see note below!).

^^ Vivitar VHE (Schneider Componon S buried in an outer shell) 135mm f5.6, very nice barrel and glass. 

-- Schneider Comparon 105mm f4.5, very nice barrel and glass. 

-- Schneider Comparon 105mm f4.5 in Prontor Press shutter (needs cleaning - sticky below 1/15th), very
     nice barrel, slight internal haze (see note below!), rounded diaphragm. 

-- Vivitar VHE (Schneider Componon S buried in an outer shell) 100mm f5.6, very nice barrel, slight
     internal haze (see note below!). 

-- Kodak Anastigmat 100mm f4.5, good barrel, nice glass (these are surprisingly sharp). 

-- Schneider Comparon 75mm f4.5, very nice black barrel, slight internal haze (see note below!), round 

-- Schneider Componon S 80mm f5.6, nice black barrel, slight glass surface scratches (see note below!). 

-- Schneider Componon 50mm f4, very nice black barrel, very slight glass surface scratches (see note 

NOTE! All are in excellent user condition or better (others would describe most of these as "mint" or 
"mint -", but I'm conservative in my descriptions - and the glass was inspected in sunlight, with the sun 
going through the lenses (the most critical test for glass surface faults). Nothing was found other than 
slight internal haze on some, which is common to Schneider lenses and it does not affect performance 
(hard to believe, I know, but it is true), or very slight surface scratches on a couple which also do not 
generally affect performance. Mold and oil on lens surfaces and element separations do affect performance, 
but none of these lenses shows these faults. All of these lenses produce very high quality enlargements. 

I'm open to reasonable offers on one, several, or all... 

Beseler 4x4 Lens Boards, many, various size openings, some recessed, some extension 
(figure a little less than 1/2 B&H  new price, but including shipping). 

Beseler Carriers for the 4x5 enlarger - 4x5, 645, 6x9, all nice (figure a little less than 1/2 B&H new 
price, but including shipping). 

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