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Video still-frames, in 3-D...!

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(Newer Mini-DV video camcorders often have decent still-photo capability - and one can make use of this for making 3-D images easily by snapping first one photo [the left one], then moving a few inches to the left and snapping the second [the right one]. I thought I would try giving the viewer a couple of large images to view - if you cannot see the entire width of these image pairs on your monitor, center their dividing line in the maximized browser window, and you can still see much of each stereo image...)

(To view each of these stereo images, look at it from a normal-to-long distance from the monitor while bringing your hands in from the sides [about 1/4 the distance from your eyes to the monitor] to frame the central stereo image. [It helps to focus on your hands as you frame the image, moving your hands until the side images disappear and the central stereo image is firm.] Alternatively, while viewing the screen at a normal-to-long distance, place a finger near the bottom of the image where the two photos join, and slowly draw the finger toward you [while focusing on it] until there are three photos: the original pair, and the stereo photo between them. When the stereo image is firmly established, you can then focus on it, and then, if you wish, frame it with your hands to remove the side images.)