Tungsten light, AWB...

VX2000 (PD150, DSR250)
TRV30 (TRV50, PC115, PC120)
PC100 (PC110, TRV20)
PC9 (PC5, TRV11, TRV17, TRV18, TRV19, TRV22)
PC9 (PC5, TRV11, TRV17, TRV18, etc.) - modified to best match VX2000
    At the cost of increased grain, the PC9/TRV17 image type can be made to look 
    sufficiently like the VX2000 image in fairly low light to make it possible to use it 
    for very short cut-aways from the VX2000. The other two one-chip imaging types 
    compared here showed too much color difference in low light to match well enough
    to do this.