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>Here is a shot taken with the Absolutely Wide Canon FD 7.5 f5.6 lens.


>Click here:



>Note: I did not take this photo, the photographer can be found at the

>link provided.


OK, how about some shot with the Nikkor 6mm f5.6

(220 degrees - shoots BEHIND the camera!) and other

super wides, here: www.David-Ruether-Photography.com/phun.html

(go to "Places" and start sequence - swipe your mouse

between the "-  -" marks to see what lens was used

[or, for those who cannot, 1)-8mm, 2)-6mm, 3)-8mm+1.4X,

4)-16mm, 5)-8mm, 6)-35-105mm, 7)-500mm, 8)-135mm+2X,

9)-15mm]). For a REALLY wide rectangular-perspective

image, try the car-photo example at:

www.nikonlinks.com/ruether/fs-misc-photo.htm. ;-)