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> I would like to know what video camera to get that would give me the

> widest angle possible, or the best choice of camera with supplemental

> or add-on lenses to get good wide angles.


The widest fixed-lens Mini-DV cameras I have seen are a couple of

the Panasonic 3-CCD models (the DVX100 is about 20% wider than

most, with less linear distortion, but it is still not very wide, and the

selection of good WA lens converters in its 72mm thread size is VERY

restricted). Good cameras with smaller front-mounting threads have

many converter options, though the percentage that are good is

fairly small (the camera lens, the converter quality, AND the matching

of the two must be good). For some that fit the Sony VX2000

(frame-grabs shown for comparison), see:

www.David-Ruether-Photography.com/WA-converters.htm. The best WA

converters are supplied by Sony, Canon, and Raynox (some people

like some others that I find over-priced and under-performing...;-).

BTW, for 1-CCD models, the Sony .7X "HG" model works well

with many models...


 David Ruether