I've been reading your posts on the rec.video.desktop forum and saw your web pages on multi-camera editing with Premiere, wide angle lenses, comparing VX2000, etc.  and they have been very interesting to read.  I just had a few questions about wedding videography, if you dont' mind answering them.


With the 4 or 6 camera shoots that you do for weddings, do you use all the same cameras so that the video quality is perfectly matched? 


No - the articles briefly go into color/contrast/brightness-matching

while editing...


Which cameras do you use? 


In the 6-camera-edit article, if you look closely at the track names

in the second screen-grab of Premiere, you will see the cameras named.

I used two VX2000s (one at the back, wide-view; one at left rear,

attended), two TRV900s (one at the back, close-view; one up front

clamped upside-down, with a fisheye on - you see this view later in the

preview window), one TRV30 (with a fisheye clamped upside-down, also

close-in), and a PC9 up front ahead of the "action" (with a .7X WA

on, on a thin pole).


Would you recommend some of the larger DV cameras like the JVC GY-DV500 or DV5000 for wedding work? 


No. Too obtrusive, not very good auto controls...


Or is it not worth the bulkiness/price for weddings?  You mentioned that only one of the six cameras is "manned" on your website; since I assume you work alone, do you ever fear that people might touch or even steal your unattended cameras?


Yes, but they are not in the way - they are up above, or up-front.

I do use a friend to keep an eye on things, to help deliver the gear,

and to take away gear I will not need after the ceremony (most of it...).

I keep two VX2000s (one for backup) and a couple of WAs for later.


Regarding your wide-angle lenses page, which lens do YOU use for the VX2000? 


The Canon WD-58 most of the time, with the ES06 later in the reception, and

a Sakar fisheye for late in the reception...


I've noticed that WA lenses don't have threads on the end, so there is no way to attach another filter or UV lense on top of the WA lens; Do you know of any WA lenses that have threads on the end for more attachments?


Only the Cavision and Raynox .66X, but you do not want a UV here - ANY

dust WILL SHOW in the image. If you need to filter, put a gel between

the lens and converter. The Raynox .66X does need a shade, though (see

the VX200 odds-and-ends article (I added to it last night...).


Thanks in advance for your help. 




Have fun!