On Thu, 13 Feb 2003 18:26:19 GMT, Dave and Paula <webgraphics@email.com> wrote:


> I just have to add a few comments that will stand me against the masses

>it seems.


> So now to my actual answer. For me I would mix with a subwoofer at

>least handy. Why? Because it is part of the audio scheme anymore.



But, the point several of us were making is that

- most subs are poor, and hard to accurately mix with

   since they integrate poorly with the main monitoring


- many monitor speakers have decent low-end reach on

   their own - and much better bass integration, making

   mixing more accurate...

- most subwoofer systems used for home playback are poor,

   with little real range beyond that of good main

   speakers, and they integrate poorly, making specific

   mixing for them unpredictable and impossible...

- one can (and should) check the results of the mix on

   other good systems, including ones with very good

   bass quality and extension...