On Mon, 13 Jan 2003 19:59:32 -0600, "tater schuld" <taters1@maps.charter.net> wrote:


>thanks that was the info I was looking for. one of our club members did up a

>logo, but is was not in a close format (think tall rectangle) and it looked

>squashed. I suppose i'll have to add background to the sides. I was more

>interested in if we should go, say double the video size to avoid jaggies.

>or would it matter?


I find the results better if doubled in size...

BTW, with the incorrect-proportion original,

in Premiere (and likely other editors), you

can select "maintain aspect ratio", and can

fill the spaces with color with the "clip"

filter (though this will slightly crop two

of the sides on a TV, since the "TV-safe"

area is not preserved - which can be done by

placing the graphic on a larger background

before importing it...).