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> I am interested in purchasing the Canon Elura 50 or Mv6iMC as it is known

> here in Australia.

> It retails here for around $1600 AU and the Elura 50 I can pick up in the

> states for around $800AU. Half price.

> I am travelling to the US to visit family shortly and would like to purchase

> a camera for the trip.


> My question is this.

> Will I be happy with my NTSC Camera when I return to OZ  given that:


> A/. I will be editing the vids on my PC and recording my videos productions

> onto vcd discs.

> B/. I believe my SONY TV can interpret a NTSC signal.

> C/. I like saving $$$! :)


> I read a few posts saying that the quality is different. Will I really

> notice it when I download the video onto my system, add some special effects

> narrations e.t.c Then burn the video onto a VCD in the desired format.


If your primary viewing is on PAL systems, buy a PAL camera

(these are available in the US - try www.bhphotovideo.com) - the

quality will be better since conversions reduce image quality...


 David Ruether