On Mon, 14 Apr 2003 17:43:01 GMT, "trueimage" <trueimage@t1crew.com> wrote:


>Good deal?

>Too Good??


>m645 1000s

>80mm Sekor C f/1.9

>220 film insert

>match-needle metering prism with hot shoe


>all for $350...


>PS - Is this all I'd need to get going in MF or did I miss something (WLF?)



A 120-film insert, if not included, would be useful,

as would a return guarantee for defect in the gear, refused

by the seller when I inquired. Without this, this outfit

may, or may not, be a good deal sight-unseen... The old

Mamiya 645 SLR gear was excellent-quality, and many of

these 25-30 year old cameras still see service, but

without a guarantee that all is still working properly,

you must judge whether or not to take the risk, and

possibly to add repair costs to the purchase price...