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> Do you even understand what perspective means? I think you don't. Or

> then you are trolling. Remember these easy rules:


> 1. Perspective changes if, and only if camera position changes in

> relation to subject. Never ever else.


> 2. Field of view (angle, cropping...) changes when you change the focal

> length or the negative/sensor size.


> This is basic, very basic photography. Take a look at Ansel Adams:"The

> Camera" page 103-104. There is a set of 4 pictures which illustrates

> this concept.


> I allways wonder why this is so hard issue? Especially with the "1.6x

> magnification factor" cameras...


> Severi S.


Yes - but, I, uh, take "friendly exception" to number one above - try

switching to a fisheye-lens or a swing-lens and the perspectives shift

from (likely) rectangular to spherical or cylindrical types, which can

look quite different if far off axis/image-center...;-)


 David Ruether