On Sat, 11 Jan 2003 03:12:35 GMT, "William E. Graham" <weg9@attbi.com> wrote:


>I remember seeing an old movie clip of a champion speed typist using

>both hands (one finger on each hand) on a manual typewriter....He hit

>the keys so hard the whole table and typewriter was jumping up in the

>air a few millimeters every stroke. But he beat out others touch typing

>on electrics......


Unfortunately, those 7000 posts (plus about as many email

responses to questioners) were typed at my usual, uh,

"painfully slow" rate of about 20 words a minute...;-)


And that is after 7 years - I was MUCH slower at the start...

(The 7000 posts occupy about 20 megs of text files...)