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> I'd like to trigger two Nikon SLR's at the same time, by pressing one

> button.  Perfect synchronization is not needed.  It's for indoor use

> and durability of the setup shouldn't be too big an issue.  Focus and

> exposure would be set in advance--I don't need to simulate

> half-pressing the shutter release button.  Cameras available include

> F3/MD4, FM2n/MD12, and F801 (8008), pick any two, however it would be

> nice if the F801 were one of them, since I eventually want to make a

> similar setup for two DSLR's which should have similar circuitry.  My

> understanding is that all I have to do is short two pins together on

> the MD4 motor or 8008 body to trip the shutter, but I'm not sure about

> the MD12.  However the connectors may be different from each other.


> I'd rather not buy expensive Nikon accessories for this.  Any idea

> where to get the necessary connectors and stuff to do it myself?


> Thanks for any advice.


I found a Nikon gizmo that would fire an 8008 from an MD4

(which can be fired with a simple cable release on the body),

but it can be easier than this. Most older Nikon motors have

two pins in the electronic release socket that can be shorted to

fire the motor - and these can be connected-to with simple

sleeves made for pressing onto similar terminals in electronics.

Lamp cord, a momentary push-button switch, four sleeves,

and a bit of tape or shrink-tubing, and you can make a shorting

"Y" cable of any length to do what you want, at low cost...


 David Ruether