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> My Sony PD-100 (not 100A) only seems able to record 43 minutes on a "60

> minute" tape (I usually use Sony "Premium" DV60PR3 tapes).


> Meanwhile, the PD-100 plays hour-long tapes recorded on other machines

> just fine, so it's certainly capable of running the tape at the right

> speed.


> Search the menus (and the manual) as I might, I've been unable to find

> any setting to record a full hour onto a DV60. Is it indeed impossible

> to do so with this camera, or can someone tell me the appropriate magic

> incantation?


Say, "80-minute tapes" for 55-minute record time with

the DVCam-record-speed-only PD100. They cost more,

but it is the only way other than FireWire-connecting

another camera to the PD100 (a D8 with "90-minute"

tapes will record about 2 hours 17 minutes in LP mode

in one "go" this way...;-).


 David Ruether