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> My Camcorder is Samsung VP-D23i with CCD=800,000. But it can take

> still photo to memory stick only in VGA resolution (640x480 pixs).

> Can this camcorder can take still photo in more resolution?

> Can modify it's software(or hardware) to get more resolution photo?

> Thanks.

> Thira


As others said, "no", but even if you could, you wouldn't want to.

With camcorders that can take higher resolution still images, the

best (low-noise) quality is at 640x480 (NTSC). You can use

Genuine Fractals (light-edition, about $50) used with Photoshop

to increase the file size enough to get a decent 4x6-5x7 paper print

from the best stills from the best camcorders (like VX2000, using

Memory Stick, not frame-grabs...).


 David Ruether