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> I have a Sony Hi 8 camcorder but now want to go to digital and get into

> editing also.  I record vacations, air and car shows, my golf swing, special

> events. I want to be able to use firewire directly into my computer and

> edit.  I am looking for something that is not too heavy and records good

> video quality and if possible have record inputs where I can covert my old

> analog tapes. Oh I would place my recordings on DVD,s

> 1. What camcorder do you suggest?

> 2. What software?

> 3. What harddrive setup SCSI, IDE, RAID?

> My system is P4 2.0MHz system 512k of ram 60G Harddrive Windows XP pro.


A logical choice would be a good-model D8 camcorder, since it will play

(and digitize) your Hi-8 tapes directly, and also record digitally on Hi-8

tapes. Unfortunately, Sony has discontinued the best models in that line

(with the better lenses and megapixel CCDs), but if other than top (1-CCD)

quality is important, their mid-line D8 models should suffice. (I do have

a nifty, very low use TRV730 [the megapixel CCD model with the larger

chip and longer-range zoom lens] possibly available [but not cheap...])

Win XP can get you started with its supplied video software for

capture/editing - though not all OHCI FireWire cards were created equal,

and some will not export video back to the camera well (a recent

discovery - look for a TI chipset in the FireWire card...). A second HD of

any type (if fairly recent) will work as a video storage drive with Mini-DV

(or D8, or DVCam), though temporarily, short videos can be made on your

current drive...


 David Ruether



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