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> I realize that not many people have the VX2100 yet, but maybe someone

> is familiar with theoretical aspect.


> My VX2100 has a fake "progressive scan" mode where it shoots at 15fps

> non-interlaced. The manual for the camcorder states that it's the best

> method to shoot video for use as stills, when you need to pick single

> frames. All this makes sense to me.


> What is the best way to retrieve the stills from video recorded in

> progressive scan? Is it just capturing as normal and then doing frame

> grabs?(I use Premiere). Or is there a better way?


The PS mode in the VX2000 (likely unchanged in the VX2100)

is *totally* useless for shooting normal-looking motion-video.

The mode was optimized for use with Memory-Stick stills.

If used for motion-video, the image is "glittery" and jittery,

and looks very bad. In general, I dislike PS mode for motion-video

shooting, even when it is done right, at 30fps (NTSC - the Panasonic

DVX100a can do this), since the motion-smoothing advantages of

interlacing have been discarded, with little or no gain...

If you *must* capture stills from video shot this way (ugh! ;-),

you can do it by selecting frames in Premier (or other editor).

Be sure the captures are at 640x480 instead of 720x480

(NTSC), though, for correct aspect ratio. Frame-grabs can be

taken from interlaced video, though, if you select a frame with

minimal motion, and/or deinterlace it in a good photo editor...


 David Ruether