Not easy to find, but I use a ".5X" (actually closer to

.7X...) Kenko WA (37mm thread rear, 46mm front)

with a Sakar Series VII (the widest and sharpest of

these I've found) with a 46->Series-VII step-up ring.

This rig produces a sharp nearly-round fisheye image

on 37mm-threaded camera lenses, and full-circle on

a TRV900 and VX2000 (with stepping rings added...).

Otherwise the expensive Century is the only option

I know of (if it actually produces a circular image...).


 David Ruether



"Walter Colby" <> wrote in message


> I admit I'm not as smart as I should be....


> I'm looking for that shot, that is distorted on the edges & is usually so

> wide that the picture ends up being round.

> I think its 180 degree field of view.  & I need to take the shot with a 37MM

> lens on my JVC.


> Still taking advice,

> Walter Colby


> "Walter Colby" <> wrote in message

> news:_XqTa.24498$

> > I am looking for a fisheye lens or filter for a 37mm lens on a JVC mini-DV

> > cam.

> > Any thoughts?

> >

> > Thank you,

> > Walter Colby