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>I agree. Hold a lens up towards a bright window, but not directly at it and

>look into the camera end. You should see faint reflections off the coatings.

>Now hold an uncoated filter in front. You should see a large increase in

>reflections. With a multi coated filter, there will be increased reflections

>but not nearly as much as the filter with no AR coatings. So in my test, AR

>coated filters do reduce reflections. Does this mean it will make a

>difference on film? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the lens and lighting



>A lighting situation that caused annoying flare in a shot may still have

>shown some flare even without a filter attached so it is best to avoid these

>situations if possible.


If you figure the percentage of "flare light" introduced

by even an uncoated filter compared with the total light

going through the lens, the amount is almost always below

the threshold for shadow exposure on the film, and is

not seen... In conditions where the added light is not

diffuse (when light sources are much brighter than the

rest of the image, and are relatively small in the image),

the filter coating can make a difference, but it is