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>> >In Europe there is a new Panasonic model called NV-GS50 that replaces the

>> >old model NV-GS5.

>> >

>> >However NV-GS50 has a CCD size of 1/6 compared to 1/4 for the old model.

>> >(the new lens is "2,3-23mm F1,8 filter diam 27mm"

>> >and the old lense was "3.15-31.5mm, f1.8-2.5 filter diam 30,5")

>> >

>> >I have heard that generally it's better with a larger CCD but I think the

>> >difference in lenses might make up for this because otherwise 1/6 would

>> >be terrible, wouldn't it ?


>> The reduction of the CCD size from 1/4" to 1/6", assuming

>> the pixel count, sensor type, associated electronics, and

>> lens maximum relative aperture (it, not the "thread

>> diameter", determines maximum light-passing ability...)

>> are unchanged, would result in considerably-reduced

>> sensitivity, and likely more "noise" in the image in

>> all light levels....

>>  David Ruether


On Sat, 26 Apr 2003 17:53:29 +0200, "Maxx Taxx" <matsqq@hotmail.com> wrote:


>Thanks, Neuman !


>Can you also calculate what the widest angle (wideangle) of the zoom of the

>old model would have been, had it been a 35mm camera given it's a

>"3.15-31.5mm, f1.8-2.5 filter diam 30,5".


This is difficult to do, since there are too many

"unknowns" - but in general, Panasonic 3-chip cameras

have lenses that are a bit to somewhat wider than those

of other companies (an advantage, I think...), but I don't

know if this is true for the 1-chippers...


>I hope you understand my swenglish here  :o)


No prollem...;-)