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> Just wondering if we have the above lens user.


> I just acquired one from eBAY a while ago and somehow when I use Auto Focus

> @ 24mm ... it can't lock

> [ note .. indicator become  o ] when I focus at an object ie a house say 30m

> away.

> I tried all my 3 bodies [ F100, F90 and F90x ] and all exhibit the same

> result.


> Did I get a faulty lens ? or it is by design ?


> as my Tokina AT 193 [19-35mm] @ 19mm can easily lock that subject from the

> same distance.


> Strangely .. a friend AFS 24-85 @ 24mm is having the same problem too on my

> F100 :)

> [hopefully its not my F100 :( ]


This is why I recommend that one ALWAYS insist on a money-back

guarantee when purchasing either used OR NEW gear - defects are

not uncommon with either, which this appears to be. BTW, the difference

in placement between lens parts for correct 30m and for correct

infinity focus for a 24mm lens used on 35mm is miniscule, which is why

for the relatively sloppy focus of AF lenses some "focus beyond

infinity" range is often provided (to allow for lens focus variations) - but

it appears your lens needs more than that provided (if any). It may require

only a simple adjustment to correct - or it may be impossible to correct

this if no internal adjustment was provided (MF non-zoom Nikkors are

generally easy to adjust for correct infinity focus, but not the zooms...).


 David Ruether