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> Just thinking about the effects on picture quality if one doesn't correctly

> (or at all) white balance the camera before the shoot.


> Present editing programs allow one to white balance the picture even if one

> uses the wrong filter (shoulder camera with internal filter packs).


> So if we get a full 8 bits out of the camera after color balancing, does

> color balancing in the edit suite affect the quality of the video?


> I haven't taken a hard look at this so in a way this is a question for which

> I haven't done a lick of research.  Does anyone have any information on this

> issue?


I color balance almost everything in post. It is rare to get the WB just right

in the type of work I do while shooting, using the gear I use - and it can be

done so easily and so much more precisely in post, with so few ill effects

(assuming that it is close in the first place...;-) that I see no reason not to

shoot more freely, correcting that last bit of error later. If the image is far

off color (as in, nearly monochrome), good correction is not possible, and

it will show ill effects from the effort (like increased "grain").


 David Ruether