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As always, you combine sometimes useful info with silly insults

(have you asked yourself why...? ;-).  I reported info that was

(and is) correct *as stated* (some people are unable to handle

subtleties, I guess...;-). But yes, do send me the quarter, and

the 'phone number also, if you please, and I will report the

results, whatever they may be...!;-)


 David Ruether




> Once again it amazes me that you persist in putting out wrong information. A

> simple call to any Sony Factory service center would confirm that there is NO

> flat rate policy on either the VX1000 or VX2000. Your ego appears larger than

> the internet itself. Make the call, I'll send you the quarter if you need!


> >> That is still wrong. There is no flat rate repair on a VX1000 or VX2000.

> >

> >On what do you base this? It would be good to

> >know if the VX2000 is, or is not, covered by

> >Sony's flat-rate service policy. I did not ask

> >about the VX2000 specifically while I was talking

> >with them, but I was told by Sony Service Center

> >that Sony video gear (non-pro) was covered under

> >"flat-rate" through seven years after the date of last

> >manufacture of that particular model. This would

> >appear to cover the VX2000...

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