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> I'm not sure whether these are the right newsgroups to ask this question,

> but I could not find one better suited. Sorry if you think it doesn't fit

> these two newsgroups. If you know of a better NG for this question, please

> post it.


> I am thinking of purchasing an LCD flat screen TV, 13" size. In looking at

> the Internet, one sees many different models. I do not know what features to

> look for. Any suggestions on what features and specs one should consider?


> For instance, the company that seems to make the most of these is Sharp,

> with the Aquos line. Even just in checking out their models, only 13"models,

> and only those with regular TV 4:3 aspect ratio (not widescreen models),

> they have several such models. It is not clear to me what the differences

> are between those models. Even when one clicks on their "compare" button, to

> compare 4 at a time, I don't see many differences.


> The lowest price I have found on one is at Amazon.com, $399 for the Sharp

> Aquos  LC-13B2UA. Amazon also sells some of the other Sharp 13" models, but

> at a higher price. I'm really not sure what is the difference in the models,

> whether there might be something about that model that isn't as good as the

> others? Or whether there were just more of that model made, so they are

> selling for less?


> If anyone has any insight into this, please post. (Or again, any suggestions

> for other NGs or discussion groups to post this to.) Thank you.


If you can get to a Best Buy or similar with large numbers of models

on display, you may discover that you don't want one...;-) Only the

largest and best of these look very good to me, and these are in the

$6000 and up category, too rich for me. The best buys are in CRT

models (select the demo model that looks best, and buy it only - not

a "boxed" sample that is unlikely to be as good...).


 David Ruether