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>> >> The JVC GR-DV3000 is a single CCD with great low-light performance, and

>> >> a lot lower price than a VX2000, but you are not likely to get it for $1000.


>> >Sure you are! In fact for hundres less than $1K.

>> >

>> >Check out Beach Camera


>> Oh, good luck...! ;-)

>> There are many notorious "advertised at a low

>> price, but just try to buy it for that" places...


>My buddy just picked one up last week per my suggestion and loves it.

>I used it recently and can confirm all the positive things I have

>heard about

>it...and yes he paid under $800 at Beach Camera.  Why is that so hard

>to believe?  Here is a link from pricegrabber that I sent him:





>You will see there is more than one source for that low price.


Most of the "cheap sellers" are known for price

tricks, many for periods of years. I trust your friend

escaped without an attempt at "bait-and-switch", an

overpriced additional warranty, accessories that

are FAR cheaper elsewhere (and without which the

camera is somehow "not available right now"...;-),

and a reasonable shipping charge. And I trust

that the original accessories were included, and

not "extra", and that if grey-market or open-box,

he was told that it was... (These are some of the

tricks of "low-price" sellers...) So, when can we

see those comparison frame-grabs, huh...? ;-)