On Fri, 25 Apr 2003 13:16:34 -0400, Larry Wolfrum <lwolfrum@lucent.com> wrote:


>I am looking to purchase a wireless microphone for use with my

>Sony DCR TRV-8 camcorder. The specs on the mic input to the

>camcorder are: stereo, 0.388 mV low impedance with 2.5 to 3.0 VDC,

>output impedance 6.8Kohm. I was considering the Azden WMS-PRO

>which gives you both a lapel and small handheld mic which plugs

>into a separate transmitter. Any feedback on this model or

>Azden quality and performance in general? Any other recommendations?


Of the three inexpensive wireless sets I've tried

(Azden WMS-Pro, Sony 999, Nady 351), the Azden was

the best in terms of freedom from percussive

interference noises (the other two were unacceptable).

The Azden was generally free of all interference

effects here until about two years ago, when "swishes"

became common. The other two had the "swishes" in

the audio also, but also had the more annoying

"ffffP!" or "Pwwww!" sort of noises. Alternatives:

Sennheiser Evolution 100 (generally recommended,

but about $500), Mini-Disk recorders with cheap lavs

(about $150/set, if you look around), and these

record mono for 140 minutes...