On Sun, 30 Mar 2003 20:33:00 GMT, "Software Dude" <lamont@sanford.son> wrote:


>    I am going to be buying my first digital camera. It's the kind of camera

>that lets you record video and sound as well as "snapshots." The person at

>Sears is recommending the Sony DCRT RV33 MiniDV Digital Camera for $759. I

>told him that I wanted to get some feedback from some experts (like you!)

>before making my purchase. The sales person couldn't answer some of my

>questions, so maybe you could take a shot at one of these questions:


>    1) What do you think of the Sony model referenced above?


It is the newest version of the TRV25/27-PC101, with 1/4.7" megapixel CCD. It is quite good but for low-light range

(the "lower" Sony models are actually better with this,

though the picture is a touch less sharp...).


>    2) Will this camera suit my needs? My main goal is to use this camera to

>record video of me in drag racing events. I want to take these videos and

>put them on the Internet for my friends to see. This means (I think) that

>the video needs to be stored in a format that can be played in Windows Media

>Player or Real Player. I think that this means I need the camera to save as

>MPG format? Correct? I want my friends to be able to click a link and have

>the video 'stream' to them (like on MSNBC.com) instead of forcing them to

>download a 150meg file all at once. My web server will be IIS. Will this

>camera allow me to do this?


It can serve as the "camera", but I think it is up to you

to supply what is needed for connection and compression

of the image/sound for streaming... As a camera for this

purpose, it is "overkill", since the streamed video is of

very poor quality...


>    3) Why does the camera have both USB and firewall outputs? What is

>firewire used for? I have USB inputs on my computer and am willing to buy

>and install a firewire PCI card if I need too -- but first I'd like to

>understand if I need firewire at all.


I'm not sure why this question keeps coming up - Mini-DV

(and variants) video at highest quality has always been

transferred/copied-digitally using FireWire (only!) - the

USB connection serves for downloading stills and the

highly-compressed Memory-Stick (not tape) video...


>    4) Is it possible for me to edit the video stream? For example, I might

>want to add my own music background or add text at the bottom of the video

>that describes in detail what the viewer is seeing. Does Sony provide the

>software to do this?


Dunno - I'm into higher-quality results rather than

lower...;-) I suspect that a used $10 camera intended

for "video-phone" would serve about as well for

video-streaming - or a cheap 8mm, or...? ;-)