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> > It is unlikely that any 1-chipper Mini-DV camcorder will

> > have significantly better low-light range than the one you

> > returned.


> David,


> Actually, there's a noticeable difference between 1-CCD camcorders

> that use 1/6 inch CCD and the ones that use 1/4 inch CCD. At one point

> I got a TRV80 and promptly returned it. Then I borrowed a TRV22 and it

> was like night and day. Not perfect(which is why I got VX2100) but

> MUCH better. I think I'll buy a TRV22 for the times when I can't bring

> the VX with me.


Yes. There is a sensitivity difference between camcorders

with equal-sized CCDs but with greatly-differing pixel-count,

and between equal effective pixel-counts and sensor area sizes

but differing sensor sensitivities... I had assumed the low-end

Panasonic was 1/4", but I should not have assumed that...;-)

The Sony TRV19/22 (and several older camcorders with similar

CCDs) is more sensitive than most, by a bit, though the low-light

image is far from fine - for a real improvement here, the VX2000

and 2100 are "like night and day" different (see my comparison

at: www.David-Ruether-Photography.com/camcorder--comparison.htm).


 David Ruether