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>>>>The low-end Sony D8's tend to trade off lens quality

>>>>(along with other features) for price, and do not appear

>>>>to have image quality as good as the low-end Mini-DV



>>>Thanks for the reply. The TRV240 is one of Sony's best D8 cameras on

>>>sale in the UK.


>>Ah - the megapixel TRV740 is offered here - it is quite



>I can't find that model here. There is a TRV725 and TRV730 but they

>are 650-750!


These are last-year's models (I have the TRV730, with the

1/4" megapixel CCD, and it is good, but, oddly, the TRV740,

with its 1/4.7" megapixel CCD, appears to be a bit better

at its low-light limit).


>>>Which low-end Mini-DV cameras would be better on a

>>>budjet of 400 (I guess that equals $400-$500)? I need Analogue in

>>>and DVin/out.


>>Sony's new models will have a low-end (B&W viewfinder,

>>no Memory Stick) TRV19 model, with a list price of $600

>>in the US - it should sell cheaper at discounters, but

>>may still not reach your budget... I don't know if

>>analogue and DV input are being blocked there, though...


>According to the sony website there is a TRV18E without analog/DV in.

>The next one seems to be the TRV25E with analog and DVin. That's over

>700 in the UK! So it looks like the only option on my budget is the

>240 or the new TRV255 (for which I can't find any specs).


The TRV18 was also last year's model, replaced

by the TRV19 ("cheap", at $600 retail) and the TRV22;

the TRV33 has replaced the TRV25, and at $800 retail

(less at discounted price), this megapixel tiny camera

looks like a "winner"...