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>Thanks for your comments.

>If you don't mind, could you specify which features

>are better on these cameras (say the VX2000) than

>the XL1s?


The list is  l o n g . . .! ;-)

Involved are image-quality, handling and control

issues, VF-quality, battery run-time, cost of needed

accessories, etc., etc. Start here, for comparative

reviews and image comparisons (XL-1, not "s", but

little basic was changed...):


(compared even with the older generation of camcorders,

the XL-1 was not among the top few - and its "betters"

have been replaced with even better cameras. See:

www.David-Ruether-Photography.com/sony_dcr-vx2000.htm for

comparison of the VX2000(PD150) with the best of the

older-generation cameras. See for video image

characteristics references (with examples):

www.David-Ruether-Photography.com/vid_pict_characts.htm (after

the page has fully-loaded, click on the "key" to

see what took what examples - you should note a

certain recurrence of some cameras used for the

"bad" examples...;-) These sites also have useful

info, and there are some comparisons of

newer-generation camcorders (the VX2000 holds up

well in these - though several others are now also

excellent [the Panasonic DVX100, Canon GL2, JVC 300,

Sony TRV950, etc.]):


www.bealecorner.com, and www.adamwilt.com.