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>Hello im about to by either the Cannon XM2 or the Sony VX2000 i would like

>to here for people that know these 2 models and have used them


I have not used both (though have read other's comments

on the XM-1 [GL-2] and have looked at the comparison

frame-grabs at http://www4.big.or.jp/~a_haru/index.html).

From all indications, the GL-2 is an excellent camera,

without the many limitations of the GL-1 (XM-1). I'm

VERY familiar with the VX2000 ( and reviewed it at:



>i would like to know if there is any differance in image Quality between the

>2 models


In good light, their images appear to be much more

similar than different - though the VX2000 appears

to have a slightly sharper image, but with slightly

less oversharpening artifacting (with "centered"

sharpness controls for both). The VX2000 also has

a bit more low-light range.


>i really like the XM2 but i have herd that it is not use true 3 ccd function

>is this true?


No. One wonders where nonsense like this comes from...;-)


>i have also noticed that the sony have a 1/3" ccd's and the cannon only has

>1/4" cdd's  .

>will that make a differance in image Quality ?


It can (the larger chips help with sensitivity [as do

the Sony "HAD" chips] and tonality), but the image-quality

of the XM-2 appears to be quite good, even with the smaller



>Thease are both semi pro cam witch of the 2 is the more recognise industry



The Sony VX2000 has a much longer history, with

known dependability and compatibility, but it now

appears to have good competition from the Canon GL-2,

Panasonic DVX100, JVC 300, and (in good light) Sony

TRV950 (Sony also offers "pro" versions of the

VX2000 and TRV950, the PD150 and PDX10, with XLRs

and other different features). There is now a good

range of cameras to choose from, with each having

its advantages and disadvantages. Best to ignore

the ad literature, magazine ads, and most "reviews"

(which in the US, anyway, are generally just extended

advertisements, rarely giving "real" info or good

comparisons with others), and do what you did here

(ask users) and go try them out (if possible).

Short descriptions (US - NTSC, assuming other things

about equal...):

VX2000 - known quantity and history, dependable 

  interchange-playing of LP-mode tapes with other

  Sony cameras, dependable connections with computers

GL-2 - longer standard lens

DVX100 - wider standard lens, with low linear

  distortion, more difficult to find good inexpensive

  lens converters for it, excellent audio, ability

  to shoot 30 and 24p

JVC 300 - may be cheapest, has available optional

  web-streaming facilities

TRV950 - smaller than the others, but with very

  restricted low-light range

PDX10 - similar to the TRV950, but provides

  better 16:9 performance than the others

PD150 - similar to the VX2000, but has become a

  "standard" at the low end for "top-end pro" use