Thanks again for your replies to my postings on

rec.video.production.  I hope you don't mind me

responding directly to you (with yet another question)

regarding your last reply.


I think I'm just about sold on trying to get the

AT822.  I'm still a little concerned about whether it

would be overwhelmed by the loud music I'm recording

if I just plug it directly into the mic input of my



There are three issues with this mic it is physically very

long, and may either hit you in the head or stick into the

lens view if on top the TRV38; it may itself not be able to

accept high sound levels without distortion; it will likely

cause excessive compression of the TRV38 audio (AGC) unless

its output is low, or unless a mic pad is placed between the

AT-822 and the camera...


So, I'm also considering the advice you and Ron gave

about the Beachtek DXA4S adapter as a way to control

the input volume from the mic. 


If it accepts mini-plug inputs, this may work; if not, the

822 also comes in an XLR version, I think... But by the time you

put all this gear on the camera, it may dwarf the camera...


My question is - if I only use one AT822 mic plugged

into the Beachtek device am I'm going to lose the

stereo sound from the mic?


Because of the design (MS), it cannot operate well

as a mono mic. I don't know what connections are available

on the beachtek, so you may need the XLR mic version.

Better may be to use the mini-plug version of the

mic with a home-made mic pad, and adjust the values by

experiment to get close to what you need...


In looking at the downloadable instructions for the

DXA4S, it says that when using only one mic, to flip

the switch to mono.  I wasn't sure if that meant that

the feed from the adapter would only come from the one

input you've plugged into or if it truly means that

what's passed to the camera would only be in one

channel.  Of course that wouldn't do at all.


No. I think the XLR version of the mic has two XLRs

(awkward...), but if only one, it will not work with

the Beachtek, I think... Much as people hate mini-plugs,

they are tiny, and stereo...


Thanks again for time and advice - it's much



Good luck...




P.S. I've been checking out some of the pictures on

your website.  I really like the fisheye pictures of

places but so far my favorites are the bugs.  Great