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> David and Darrel, those are great.


> I've spent the day sorting through the 1000's and 1000's of my dad's slides

> from WWII to the late 70's. I'd love to be able to share them, but my

> scanner is decomposing.


> The UofM is looking into a grant to get his work all properly archieved. I

> didn't realize it was such a complicated process. When they found out all

> the slides had been stored in old Malboro ciggarette boxes for all these

> years I thought someone would have a stroke.


If they are flat, and were stored in a cool and dry (and dark)

place, and were Kodachromes, chances are good that they

are still in good shape. The early ones would be interesting to

see! Unfortunately, we still don't have digital storage methods

that are as good as the best analogue (at least without upkeep,

as with periodic copying of the digital data...).

-- DR