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> Hi... I am using a Canon ZR40 with my iMac 700 G4 flat panel... I

>notice first off that the brightness and contrast on the LCD on the

>camera is great but on the LCD it is quite dark and dingey regardless of

>how bright I set it... Is there a work around for this or is this normal

>for this setup... Thanks!


This is the "other" every-other-day-question we get

here (the other is how to keep camcorder running in

camera-mode...). "Google-google-google-google-or-

www.nikonlinks.com/ruether/posts" - but, quickly:

the camera LCD brightness has no standard brightness;

the computer monitor has no standard brightness (and

the gamma is likely different from TV, as is the

interlacing); without standards, you are lost; for

informal standards, set up your TV to receive most

broadcast material well; connect your camera to it

and make the viewfinders agree as closely as you can

with what you see on TV while aiming at normally-lit

things in the same room; shoot some video using the

VF finders as a guide for exposure, and adjust the

brightness of these if needed to get best results

on TV; never adjust their brightness levels again;

ignor differences or change the computer display to

best-match the video...