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> Ok. Here is a weird one for you all. I am considering the purchase of an odd

> array for my kit. I am thinking of a 135mm f/2 + EF 1/.4x II and EF 2.0x II

> extenders. End result 135mm f2, 189mm f2.8, 270mm f4, 378mm f5.6. All about

> the same space (okay, maybe an inch or so longer) and weigt as a 70-200mm

> f2.8.


> I figure the whole kit would only be maybe $100-200 more than a 70- 200mm

> f2.8 and cover pretty much all the range I needed it for, while also serving

> up as a long range package.


> I would use it for the following (order of importance):

> Portaits

> Candids

> Wildlife

> Street

> General Telephoto


> Comments, suggestions? Guidance here welcome.


With the 1.4X, you *may* get acceptable performance wide open, with

good performance *possible* one stop down, but only with the best

lenses, converters, AND matching; with the 2X, you will be lucky to have

decent performance by f5.6 (f11 effective). Probably better: the 1.4X on the

70-200 f2.8, which may perform well by an effective aperture of f5.6...


 David Ruether