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> I'm looking at purchasing my first digital camcorder (Canon GL2), and thanks

> to resources such as rec.video.* and photo.net I now have a pretty good idea

> of how much it should cost, and from whom I should (and should not) consider

> purchasing. Now I'm looking at accessories but finding research on these

> more difficult. Perhaps you kind folks could help out with a

> comment/recommendation or two ...?


> - Filters: I've seen 3-filter kits for anywhere from $35 to $350! Which

> filter(s) do I really need*, and how much should it/they cost? *The set

> would be nice, but I imagine I could get by with just the UV.


Yes - this is the most useful, but it serves for protection only...


> - Spare battery: Adorama seems to have a generic 6000 mAh for around $90

> (http://www.adorama.com/catalog.tpl?op=details&sid=10618408951072838&sku=VDB

> PLBP945); seems like a good deal to me (assuming that wide praise for this

> store --> they wouldn't sell a crappy battery).


Get the Canon - it is likely higher-capacity regardless of ratings.

The off-brand batteries are often not as good...


> - Wide angle/telephoto lens (would be nice but can wait): These also vary

> wildly depending where you look. Favorite brands? how much should they cost?


Buy the Canon WD-58 - it is excellent. Alternatives: Raynox .66X (lower

linear distortion, but not as good at lens long end, and flares more); Sony

ES06 (not much zoom range, but it is good, and wider than rating - and

cheap/light/small [needs 58->52mm step-down, which may not work well

on the GL2, though it works well on the VX2000]).


> Anything else that should be on the must-have list? Most of the other stuff

> (tripod, tapes, etc.) I figure I can get where I live for the same or

> cheaper; I usually bypass the warranties as being overpriced & unnecessary.


Tape: www.taperesources.com, www.tapeguys.com; a good extended

warranty for Mini-DV camcorders can be a very good buy, unlike for other

things. Pay under $200 for 4-5 year coverage from a *good* outfit, and

you will likely come out ahead if you use the camera much...


> P.S. I also need a tripod for it; any recommendations for under $200?


Barely adequate for serious work: Bogen 3221/3066(?) or Mathiews-Libec,

both around $200-250 - don't expect great movement smoothness, though

(that costs $1500 +). Anything cheaper isn't worth having if you will move

the camera during shooting. Look eventually at a good lav and/or short-shotgun

mic, if you have the need, and a polarizing filter can be fun for some uses

(I recommend Hoya single-coated for the UV and Hoya circular-polarizer

for good-but-cheap [$350 sets of filters are a rip-off...]).


 David Ruether