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> >      Last time I shot Velvia, I compared it to Kodachrome 25 and found

> them

> > to be about the swame speed. I rated K-25 at 32. I would rate V-50 at 32

> to

> > 40.


> I know someone who uses Velvia very happily at 32 in sheet sizes, but

> preferred 40 when using 35mm.


> Not sure what that tells anyone, but for what it's worth...


That meters, shutters, apertures, etc. and/or metering

technique have not been calibrated/regularized...?;-)

I have owned perhaps a hundred cameras with built-in

meters, and find they need to have a correction factor

applied maybe 2/3rds the time to bring them to my

exposure standards (correct slide density under both

low and high light levels for the majority of slide films,

for my taste - but this agrees with the best cameras

and most films rated normally...;-). With Nikon cameras,

many older ones  (about 1/2) and some newer ones

require -1/3rd stop compensation to agree with my

standards; most newer ones, especially the "fancy" ones,

are "right-on" as-is. Since Velvia is very contrasty, the

exposure must be more precise, and small errors show

more - so it is not surprising if even the same person

would rate Velvia at 32/40/50/64 with different

cameras. BTW, I prefer "40" as correct...


 David Ruether