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>> I posted this response to your question earlier - did

>> you see it?

>> "[...] Reducing the sharpening to minimum should remove

>> the outlining completely, if needed, but at the cost of

>> image 'crispness'..."

>> As with other camcorders of this type, some sharpening

>> is included even at the "0" position (less with the

>> VX2000 than with others, though) to give the low-resolution

>> picture some feeling of sharpness. On the VX2000, you

>> can remove essentially all the sharpening, if you want...


>I missed this bit.  I'll try lowering it to 0 (it's at the default mid

>position now). Would that explain the shadow drops to complete black?

>(look like digital holes in the picture - as if you were playing with the

>"level" slider manually in photoshop).


It may affect it some (especially at bright/dark

intersections in the image), but it is likely

more related to tonal-response in both the camera

and the TV (more likely the TV, in my experience

with the VX2000 - notice that some TVs provide a

good image black only when light tones are also

present; with no picture, the "black" is not