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>That's why I bought a F90X (European version of N90S). This body will allow me

>to use all of my prime MF lenses on it without a hitch. I looked long and hard

>over the F100 and the F80. The F100 was expensive for me and the N80 did not

>allow any MF metering. I still use my trusty FE and FA for my prime lenses

>which consists of 20mmF4 AI, 20mmF3.5 UD (AI by NIkon), 28mF2.8 AIS, 35mmF2.0

>AIS, 50mmF1.4 AIS, 105mmF2.5 AIS, 135mmF2.0 AIS and 180mF2.8 ED AIS.



I found the VF of the N90 (and the N70) insufficiently sharp

for easy MF - look through an N801 (or F100) sometime, to

see the difference (though the VF centers [without "focus aids"]

of your FE and FA are sharper yet...;-).