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> My JVC DVX70 got the famous E04 error code again last week, I decided

> not to fix it this time. I fixed it with $250 last May, 2003.


> Here are my criteria to select a new camcorder,

> 1.   comparatively better low-light performance (? PC105=TRV33 >

> Elura50);

> 2.   overall better video quality, I am not very concern on still

> pictures;

> 3.   ultra compact size (Elura 50 > PC105 > TRV33)

> 4.   price, Elura 50 ($599 at Fry's), TRV33 ($599 at Fry's) and PC105

> ($799 at Fry's);


> In fact, I leaned towards Elura 50, but heard about the poor picture

> as well as the motor noise. If the Elura 50 can compare with my 4 yrs

> old JVC DVX70, then I can live with it. I think the TRV33 should have

> been a good buy, but TRV33 is a little big for me.


> I used to convert tapes as below,

> 1. transfer from JVC DVX70 to PC via firewire

> 2. edited with Ulead Media Studio;

> 3. encode with TMPGEnc;

> 4. burn to DVD;


> If Elura 50 have motor noise problem, can I add some filters during

> editing/export to remove the motor noise?


> Any advise is highly appreciated. What do you think about these

> camcorder, TRV33, PC105 and Elura 50?


Unless the bit-smaller size of the PC105 is worth the $200 extra,

go with the TRV33 - generally excellent picture for 1-CCD (not

without problems, but...), good sound (why need to fix everything

later?), good reputation for durability/compatibility (never any

guarantees, though, with particular samples), and quite small. BTW,

best to archive back to tape, and use a DVD copy for viewing

convenience, not archiving...


 David Ruether