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>Does the higher pixel count explain why my Sony 30 does a much poorer

>job in capturing still photos under low light conditions than my Sony 10

>model, which has lower still resolution? The Sony 30 has a 1.5 megapixel

>resolution while the Sony 10 is lower. I find that under low light

>conditions that the still photos captured on my Sony 30 loses the blues

>and greens and keeps the reds. Alternatively, the Sony 10 seems to keep

>the colors better than the Sony 30 under low light conditions but the

>resolution is lower.


Yes. You can see this also, at:


comparing the TRV11 with the TRV30 (and others) in three

light levels. I can recover a useable image with acceptable

color from the TRV11 shot in too-low light, but not from

the TRV30, which goes too far "off-color" to correct well.

BTW, it appears the current crop of Sony camcorders with

the 1/4.7" megapixel CCD do have nice image quality at their

low-light limit, an improvement over both the TRV11 and

TRV30 images in low light...