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> On Wed, 25 Jun 2003 09:09:47 -0400, "David Ruether"

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> >> Oh, and I went non-Sony. With the extra cash I bought two batteries

> >instead

> >> of one.


> >My (brief) experience with non-Sony batteries was not good - it weighed

> >noticeably less than the Sony equivalent, and would not run as long...

> I'm wondering if I"m having the same problem. I purchased an RCA

> brand replacement battery for my Sony TRV67 and although it's listed

> on the packaging as working with this camera, I just get an error

> message saying that this is NOT a SONY Infolithium battery and then

> the camcorder shuts down.


> have you or anyone else had this problem?

Look to see if the battery has the third electrical contact - if not, it

will not work in recent Sony camcorders...


David Ruether



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