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> I was wondering if someone could help me make up my mind. I have found

> a TV with about 600 lines of horizontal resolution (Panasonic), but it

> is only capable of S-video inputs (no component inputs). Another tv

> set with the same screen size only provides about 350-400 lines

> (Toshiba), but it has composite video inputs. The question is: if I

> want to use the tv with a DVD player (which has both S-video and

> composite outputs), which tv would yield a better picture (as far as

> resolution). Thanks for your time.


> MrHankey


DVD (and especially Mini-DV) is capable of more than 400 lines

of TV horizontal resolution, and the "S" connector can pass far

more than 400 lines of resolution, so the Panasonic will likely

show more fine detail (with good source material) than the other



 David Ruether



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