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> Has anyone had any expierience with AF Nikkor 28mm/2.8D, 24mm/2.8D on

> 20mm/2.8D ? I'd be greatful for opinions because I'm thinking of buying one

> for my F80. I'm particulary interested in the level of eventual distortions,

> sharpness, coulour and contrast.


You may find this useful - but do not go by the evaluation numbers

without reading the text and knowing what they are based on:

www.David-Ruether-Photography.com/slemn.html. As for specifics, read "LL's"

post above, and the 20mm is similar in performance to the 24 at

stops of f5.6 and smaller (the 24 is better at wider stops at the

edges, but WA's can be hand-held at slower shutter speeds than

longer lenses can, so smaller stops are not usually a problem).

The linear distortion of the 20 is less than the 24mm away from

the frame edges, though. The 28mm D or non-D AF Nikkors

are not among my favorite lenses for good performance (the non-D

is often poor, and the D is not great at the edges until well stopped

down, unlike the AIS MF 28mm f2.8 Nikkor, which is good at

f2.8 - but some people like the Nikkor AF 28s.If you have the

35mm FL covered, consider the 24 or 20; if not, consider the

28mm or 24mm...


 David Ruether