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>I was thinking about purchasing a digital camcorder in the future, but the

>storage part of moving pictures seems so limited.  Can a person digitally

>store information directly from a digital camcorder or even a digital still

>camera to the hard disk of a notebook PC or even a desktop PC?  What is

>needed to do this?  What are the essentials of a PC Notebook, connection

>between camera the notebook HD, and the software?


>Also ------- Any recommendation of a model/brand of digital camcorder for

>high resolution/ good audio amateur (high quality - almost professional

>looking movie results), and any recommendation of how to transfer lots of

>digital content directly to a notebook hard drive?  Would a notebook be the

>way to go for storage or are the mini DV tapes tough enough,cheap enough,

>and the practical way to go?


>U can see I'm obviously ignorant of mpeg production from camcorders, etc.

>Good hyper-links are always nice!  Thanks to all who read and consider.

>This is more or less a cross post because I just discovered this group.


Mini-DV tape is both durable and cheap; FireWire is used

for transfer of DV to/from computers; at the high end

of the Mini-DV/DVCam D25-format 3-CCD "handycam" style of

camcorders, there are now several entries (Sony VX2000.

PD150, TRV950, PDX10; Canon GL2; Panasonic DVX100; JVC

DV300), with some good shoulder-mounts available from JVC,

Panasonic, and Sony at higher prices... BTW, you may find these interesting: