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> You mention not liking artifacting and you have owned and praised the

> trv900.  My friend, I have owned the trv900 as well and I can tell you

> for certain that it has artifacting or at least a grainyness to it that

> the other cameras do not have.  The pd-150 can see similarly to the

> human eye I will give you that, but the mx3000 is more similar to a

> digibeta look ( and I am not talking about the punched up color -but

> even that is hard to obtain wih the other cameras.)


I'm not looking to try to match a format "look" (like DigiBeta, good

as it is) so much as to shoot images that look good on their own. And

by "artifacting" I mean digital effects like near-horizontal and near-vertical

line discontinuities, scan-line "flapping", etc. that vary among DV models.

"Gain-grain" is inherent in all cameras, though this also varies considerably

among models. As I recall, the MX3000 limits gain to +12db. If you also

limit the VX2000/PD150 to +12db, it will be at least as smooth as the

Panasonic. The TRV900 has greater low-light range than most, but its

"gain-grain" and brilliance characteristiscs are not the best. But, which is

preferable, a camera with little ability to shoot in low light, or one that has

it, but as a result, shows less than ideal picture characteristics when used

near its low light limit? (Or one that can both shoot in low light, and do it

with good picture quality, the VX2000...;-) I prefer to be able to shoot

in low light, and repair the image later, if necessary, than not to be able

to shoot at all...;-)


> If you are up the the challenge, I will tape equal images with the

> cameras mentioned and let you rant and rave about them so I won't have

> to.  I know you use to have an ez30 and if you remember that camera,

> then just imagine it tuned and made clearer.

> In fact, I will try to get switching footage of the event i just shot

> and let you see that.


I prefer judging original footage, not something that has been through a

switcher - but, thanks anyway. As for the TRV30, it has a VERY sharp

picture, with surprisingly good color, but it has serious problems with

motion-artifacting, and some with tonality. BTW, you may find these







 David Ruether