> "David Ruether" <rpn1spam-dunk@cornell.edu> wrote:


> >But other models (like the FA) used the "titanium" shutter of the

> >FM2 with the higher shutter speeds - and the same shutter

> >generally operates in the FM2 reliably at 1/250th synch speed

> >(though it is not marked/claimed to do so by Nikon - marketing?).


> The point is, David, that is does not operate sufficiently reliably

> after tens of thousands of shutter cycles, ergo it isn't good enough.

The point is: if it synchs properly now at 1/250th, it is likely to synch

properly at 1/250th for the user's lifetime of "normal" use - but if not,

the user can then use a lower synch speed as the camera ages (though

this is unlikely needed...). Also, the FA was built with the same shutter

and the 1/250th synch speed, and it was a "higher-end" model. Or,

who cares if the Buick won't go 250,000 trouble-free miles if you will

never drive it more than 20,000 miles and it would likely go another

100,000 miles after that...?;-)

David Ruether



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